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Keeping Care Close to Home with the MNCYN


An integrated family-centred system of care, focused on participation, partnerships and accountability this was the vision that gave birth to the Maternal, Newborn, Child and Youth Network (MNCYN) in 2009. This comprehensive network evolved from the Southwestern Ontario Perinatal Outreach Program as it partnered for decades with regional hospitals to provide professional education and consultative support. Today, this close collaboration among public health, acute care and community care organizations is resulting into a more responsive system of maternal and child care in Southwestern Ontario. Working together to keep care close to home for families, our purpose is to enable the consistent delivery of safe, quality maternal, newborn, child and youth care across our region. Our Network is seen as adding significant value through its ability to provide:

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Connected and Informed

MNCYN’s medical leadership and consultants sit on governing bodies at regional, provincial and national levels. Participation in diverse and influential health care organizations provides a depth of experience and perspective to better inform our network.

Be part of an integrated family-centred system of care, focused
on participation, partnerships and accountability.

Our Network is Your Community

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What’s New

“Unspoken” March of Dimes Public Service Announcement

“If we come together we can work to improve maternal health and protect every family through program, research, education and advocacy.”

March of Dimes is announcing a new Public Services Announcement (PSA) aiming to raise greater awareness of the maternal and infant health crisis by highlighting real families who have experienced issues like preterm birth, infertility and maternal and infant loss. The PSA, entitled “Unspoken”, showcases stories from diverse families in an effort to provide strength to others and greater empathy to the issues that affect all of us.

View PSA on YouTube, here.

Strategic Partnership Provides VEGA Resources

The VEGA (Violence, Evidence, Guidance, and Action) Project has created evidence-based guidance and education resources to assist healthcare and social service providers (including students and residents) in recognizing and responding safely to family violence (child maltreatment and intimate partner violence). MNCYN is a strategic partner in the VEGA initiative. VEGA is free and publicly available.

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#MidwiferyDataMatters: Supporting midwives to enter and access quality BORN data

Introducing the BORN-AOM Knowledge Translation task force

Have you ever wished you could quantify the many non-pharmaceutical pain management mechanisms midwives use to support their clients during labour? Or perhaps you are curious to know how many consults or transfers of care occurred due to hospital protocol rather than midwives’ clinical judgement? The AOM has heard these concerns and as of April 5, 2021, the BORN Information System (BIS) has begun collecting this and other crucial, midwifery-specific information.

Children’s Healthcare Canada, Hybrid Conference 2022, Shaw Centre,  Ottawa or Virtual

November 29-December 1, 2022

For the first time you can attend in person OR virtually! Children’s Healthcare Canada is thrilled to be back in person for our annual conference at the beautiful Shaw Centre in downtown Ottawa. For those unable to meet in Ottawa, a real time virtual option will be available. For those attending in person, be sure to join us at the Shaw Centre on the evening of November 29th for our Welcome Reception and Awards Ceremony! 

This year’s conference is a celebration of our leaders in child health with our theme of  Energy, Optimism and Leadership: A bright future for child health in Canada!  

This conference will take place during a SPARK Child Health Leadership Month that will provide several touchpoints for the broad child health community and bring content focused on diverse audiences. Leadership as a theme speaks to Children’s Healthcare Canada’s commitment to convening thought leaders and health system partners to address complex child health issues.

Celebrations and Accomplishments

The Launch of a new Paediatric Continuing Medical Education (C.M.E.) Website

The new Website contains all of the information needed for Children’s paediatric CME education and events: Children’s Hospital Paediatric Update, PROP Lecture, PROP Pocus, PROP Simulation, PALS, Grand Rounds and our Paediatric Insider. To access the recordings of the PROP lectures and Grand Rounds you will need to create an account. After your account is created, you will be able to come back to the website anytime, and login, to view any recordings. No login is required to view the rest of the website.

New MFM-Midwife Collaborative Care Program

The Interprofessional Midwifery-Maternal Fetal Medicine Expanded Program (T.I.M.E. Program) is a unique and innovative model that supports midwives to work with high-risk pregnant people in partnership with the Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) team in the Obstetrics/Gynecology Ambulatory Care Department of London Health Sciences Centre. They can provide additional patient support by setting aside time to answer clinical questions and concerns and debrief dense or challenging appointments, offer additional community-based resources, provide education, and allow for around-the-clock pager access for more urgent questions and concerns. In the postpartum, the midwives will provide primary care to participants who have been discharged from the hospital, including the postpartum patient and their infant. This allows the unique model of home-based care to be applied to patients facing additional personal, psycho-social, linguistic or health-related barriers, or patients who lack a family doctor for thorough and timely postpartum follow-up. All routine tests and screens, infant feeding support, weight checks, and ongoing monitoring are provided to participants until six weeks postpartum, at which point they are discharged from the care of the midwives to a community provider.

The program’s anticipated start date is October 11, 2022, with the first patients being selected for November and December due dates. For more information, you can contact the team directly at or click the button below for more information.

Impact Awards: Community Partner of the Year Award: Dr. Paul and Mrs. Mary Harding

Recruiting some of the best and brightest researchers has been an important focus for local philanthropists

Advancements in research have always been important for the late Dr. Paul Harding, who is known in the medical community as the ‘father’ of neonatal research in Canada. He, and his late wife, Mrs. Mary Harding are now being recognized with a 2022 Lawson Community Partner of the Year Award, nominated by the Children’s Health Foundation.

“My dad lived and breathed research,” shares Tom Harding, Paul’s son. “He wanted to see improvements being made and ensure they were clinically and academically sound.”

Through his continued passion for research, Paul and his wife Mary helped create the Whaley and Harding Research Fellowship, which provides two years of support for an MD or PhD Fellow conducting research that will enhance the health of pregnant mothers, children and infants.




MNCYN is a partnership of public health, acute care and community care organizations focused on providing integrated family-centric health care. Our Network members are increasingly being recognized as leaders among peer organizations in Ontario. We offer organizational, health care professional and student membership levels. Invest in our future – join MNCYN today!

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