Regional Perinatal Outreach Program celebrates 40th; Dr. James Makokis gives conference keynote

Dr. James Makokis, keynote speaker, with MNCYN team

Regional Perinatal Outreach Program celebrates 40th; Dr. James Makokis gives conference keynote

2019 40th Anniversary of Regional Perinatal Outreach Program cake cuttingMNCYN was thrilled to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Regional Perinatal Outreach Program in 2019.The Regional Perinatal Outreach Program was the vision of Dr. Graham Chance, a Neonatologist at St. Joseph’s Hospital, who founded the program in 1979. The program has evolved over the years and is now part of the Maternal Newborn Child and Youth Network. In 2019, the program celebrated its 40th anniversary of regionalized perinatal care in conjunction with the 32nd annual conference at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn.


MNCYN was very pleased to invite Dr. James Makokis to deliver the keynote presentation at the conference in London, ON on October 9, 2019. The keynote, entitled “Connecting Indigenous Communities and Cultural Care”, was sponsored by London Health Sciences Centre.


About James Makokis


Canada’s Two Spirit, Diversity, Indigenous Health and First Nation Expert


Dr. James Makosis keynote speaker at MNCYN 2019 annual conferenceDr. James Makokis is a proud Cree from the Saddle Lake First Nation in Northern Alberta. He is one of Canada’s most accomplished experts in a variety of fields, including those in and outside of the Indigenous culture. Few individuals can offer such a diverse and unique perspective on issues related to First Nation Communities, TRC Calls to Action, Health, Wellness, Medicine, Two Spirit, LGBTQ2, Indigenous Culture, History, Equality and Social Programming. His perspective is one that benefits all Canadians. Dr. James Makokis has maintained his cultural beliefs and spiritual practices in all areas of his life. Dr. Makokis’ strong connections to preventative health, spirituality, and Two-spirit perspective has helped him save lives within the LGBTQ2 and First Nation communities. He also leads one of North America’s most progressive and successful transgender focused medical practices. He is one of the few physicians in Canada who facilitates the wellness of Transgender people through supporting hormone replacement therapy.

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