Strategic Partnership Provides VEGA Resources

Image promoting VEGA resources (Violence, Evidence, Guidance, Action)

Strategic Partnership Provides VEGA Resources

The VEGA (Violence, Evidence, Guidance, and Action) Project has created evidence-based guidance and education resources to assist healthcare and social service providers (including students and residents) in recognizing and responding safely to family violence (child maltreatment and intimate partner violence). VEGA developed these resources with funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada in collaboration with 22 national organizations. The resources are comprised of learning modules (e.g., care pathways, scripts, how-to videos), interactive educational scenarios and a Handbook.

The VEGA resources are most useful in the context of a workshop or setting where discussion and role playing are possible, but can also be used as individual online training.

VEGA is free and publicly available; here’s how you access the registration page:

Citation: McMaster University. VEGA Project Family Violence Education Resources (2019). [Internet]. [cited 2020 September 2]. Available from:

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